Lotto247 Review

Playing international lottery can be fun, but choosing an online lottery site can be challenging. Here, you can learn everything there is to know about Lotto247 in India. In this comprehensive evaluation of the lottery site, you will know if its services are genuine and who is it licensed with.

Additionally, you can find insights into purchasing the tickets, how to transact, does the lottery site provide a bonus, etc. By the end of this review, you will have made the decision whether or not Lotto247 is ideal for you.

Main Features

Lotto247 is an online lottery platform that allows you to play some of the most popular international lotteries from India. Founded in 2017 by Lucky Enterprises B.V., it is a reputed lottery source that has found popularity around the world due to its innovative methods, as its lottery games are customised to match the different expectations of its members. Through membership, you can play the biggest lottery jackpots in the world from the comfort of your home.

The lottery site claims to give its members an opportunity to become a millionaire by participating in its array of international lotteries. Among its offerings, you can find seventeen of the most lucrative international lotteries like Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions ElGordo and many more.

With Lotto247, you will also find that the pros outweigh the cons. So, to start with the positives, it supports transactions using Indian rupees along with different payment methods, including UPI, netbanking and IMPS.

Lotto247 India also offers an attractive sign up bonus on your first deposit, which gives you 50% on your deposit amount that you can use to enter any lottery on the website. You also gain access to games from the most renowned software providers such as Evolution Gaming and Betgames.

As for the cons, the site does not support syndicate play, meaning you cannot buy tickets as part of a group. You also cannot subscribe to lottery tickets, requiring you to manually choose the same lottery the next time you wish to play it.

Is Lotto247 Genuine?

If you ever wonder ‘is Lotto247 legal in India’, you can rest assured that it is a legitimate site and it offers genuine winnings. It is a well-known source in the international market regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission with a license issued under the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001.

This licensing ensures that you get paid in full any time you win Lotto247. This lottery site is a transparent organisation with all necessary information, including ticket purchasing and a list of all your transactions, accessible to you.

You are also promised safe storage of your personal documents submitted during registration, as their license takes the essential steps to store your information safely. Should you require any related details, you can always browse through their FAQs section for clarification or contact their customer support team for assistance.

Lotto247 Games

Is Lotto247 Licensed and Safe?

Yes. Lotto247 is a licensed platform that is authorised and regulated by the Central Government of Curacao and the Isle of Man. To ensure that their website is safe and secure for the members, they use advanced SSL encryption and SRC Private Security. Their long history with the Isle of Man brings them licenses that are trusted.

So, as one of their members, you get legal games and fair opportunities while playing your favourite games.

How to Sign Up?

The process of registering with Lotto247 is quite simple and straightforward.

  • On the official lottery site, on the top right corner, click ‘Register’
  • A new page opens with allotted slots for typing in your basic information, including first name and last name, date of birth, mobile number, and email address
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then, click ‘Create Account’

After completing the registration process, you officially become a member of Lotto247. You can now make your first deposit to get the sign up bonus. Then, head on towards the games section and play your preferred games.

How to Purchase Tickets at Lotto247?

Once you have signed up and become a member of Lotto247, the next step is to buy tickets.

  • On the homepage, you can find all the lotteries available on the site. Scroll through the options and opt for the one that you want to play
  • Then, click on ‘Play now’ button beside it
  • Since there are plenty of options, you may find it confusing to select a number. In this scenario, the ‘Quick Picks’ feature can come to your aid and pick a number for you using the random number generator. If you want to play with your own numbers, you can pick them manually.
  • Once you have set eyes on the number, tap ‘Purchase Now’ and complete the checkout process
  • That's it. Now all you have to do is wait for the draw, and whether or not you are one of the Lotto247 winners in India

Now, when it comes to selecting numbers, do note that you can have multiple entries. That way, you boost your chances of winning should the first number fail to win any lottery. For a single entry, you can either punch the numbers manually or use the ‘Quick Picks’ feature.

For multiple entries in a single draw, you have the choice of picking +5, +10 or +20. This allows you to have either 5, 10 or 20 entries on your draw.

Lotto247 online lottery games

Lottery Games Offered by Lotto247

Lotto247 offers a total of 17 lotteries for you to participate in. With these many options to choose from you can find something that matches your gaming preference. The list of games includes:

  • PowerBall: Power Ball is a two-drum lottery game, where one drum contains 69 white balls and the other 29 red balls. Five balls are drawn from the white drum and one ball is drawn from the red drum, which is called Powerball
  • MegaMillions: MegaMillions uses two drums to draw numbers, where the first drum comprises ‘main numbers’, whereas the second one has the ‘Mega Ball’
  • Oz Lotto: Oz Lotto is one of the oldest lotteries to exist. To play, you need to choose 7 numbers from a pool of 47 possible numbers and a further three numbers called supplementary numbers

In addition to the above mentioned lottery games, Lotto247  offers 14 other exciting options for you to choose from. Check the below table for the lottery games  on offer and their ticket prices.

Lottery Game Ticket Price
Powerball INR 290
MegaMillions INR 290
EuroMillions INR 252
Euro Jackpot INR 210
Mega Sena INR 168
SuperEnalotto INR 168
UK Lottery INR 290
France Loto INR 248
La Primitiva INR 168
Lotto6aus49 INR 149
El Gordo INR 168
Powerball Plus INR 294
Mega Millions Max INR 252
Oz Powerball INR 105
SuperEna Max INR 252
Cash4Life INR 252
Oz Lotto INR 126

How to Make Deposits at Lotto247?

The process of making a deposit at Lotto247 is quite easy and can be accomplished in a few steps. Make sure that you are logged in so that you can deposit.

  • On the homepage, find the ‘Deposit’ tab on the top-right corner. Tap it
  • It will take you to another page containing the list of deposit methods. Click on your preferred mode of payment
  • For your convenience, the site has a dedicated number of pre-selected amounts. You can choose one of those or manually enter the sum that you want to deposit
  • Click on ‘Deposit’
  • Follow the instructions for your deposit method
  • Once done, you will see that the funds have been deposited in your Lotto247 account

The site has a pre-decided minimum deposit of Rs 657 for all methods, except AstroPay, for which the minimum deposit stands at Rs 450.

Lotto247 promotions

Deposit Methods

Lotto247 offers you a wide range of payment options to pay for the biggest international lotteries. On the site, you can even find payment methods listed as per country.

In India, you can choose UPI, Astropay, Skrill, Neteller, and card payments via Visa and Mastercard.

How to Make a Withdrawal?

You will find the withdrawal option on the top-left corner of the site. If you have enough funds in your account, the ‘Withdraw’ button will be visible.

  • If the Withdraw button is visible to you, tap it
  • Choose the method and the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Once you complete the process, the amount will reflect in your personal account

The downside with Lotto247 withdrawals is that it can take up to 14 days for the amount to show up in your account regardless of the method you choose. A larger jackpot, on the other hand, can take up to 30 days to arrive. Do note that the minimum amount that you can take out at a given time is Rs 100.

While the duration for withdrawal on Skrill, Neteller and AstroPay is instant, bank transfers may take a few days depending on your bank.

Lotto247 Welcome Bonus

As a new player at Lotto247, you qualify for a welcome bonus. All you need to do is make a successful first deposit and you will receive a 50% deposit bonus. The bonus amount will reflect within 72 hours of making your first deposit.

Make sure that your deposit sum amounts to at least Rs 724. You will receive 50% of your initial deposit as bonus money which can be used to fund your lottery gaming campaign.

The lottery site also offers extra promotions to reward existing members. Listed below are a few of those:

  • Cashback: Lotto247 gives you a predetermined percentage of your deposit as cashback. For instance, if you deposit Rs 9,048 an additional Rs 4,524 will be added in case you get 50% cashback. So, you get a total of Rs 13,572 to play with
  • Discount: A discounted lottery costs less than its original price. You will be notified whether your lottery qualifies for a certain percentage of discount. For example some of the lotteries may come with a 10% discount.
  • Moneyback: With moneyback, a percentage of what you spend is returned to you as bonus credits. In case the promotion states that you get 20% moneyback on SuperEna Max and you make 10 entries, 20% of whatever amount you spend will be returned to your account

Lotto247 ensures that you get timely notification for any promotion or bonus that you may be eligible for. All necessary related information is sent to you via email if you sign up for the promotions newsletter.

Lotto247 Welcome Bonus

Lotto247 App

Unfortunately, Lotto247 does not currently offer an app for iOS and Android devices. The best possible way to gain direct access to the website is to save it on your device’s home screen or bookmark the page in your browser.

The mobile website is optimized for all devices, including iOS and Android. Using the mobile website instead of the Lotto247 app is the only way to play lotto on this site.

Customer Support

Lotto247 offers a couple of choices when it comes to customer support. If you face any hindrance or have any queries that need addressing, you can reach out via email or live chat feature. A downside to the chat feature is that support is not available on weekends. As of now, Lotto247 contact number is also unavailable.

In addition to the two modes of support assistance, the site also comprises a comprehensive FAQs section to answer all the basic concerns that players might have. You can find information related to Lotto247 registration, login, bonus, etc. under the FAQs.

Lotto247 Winners

Lingarju D, a retired health inspector from Bengaluru, won a whopping Rs 3.8 crores in 2020. With his jackpot lottery, he intended to buy a new house and help his family and relatives. “I have three daughters; all of them are working, and they have all taken out home loans, so I will try and clear up their debts. I will also help some relatives who badly need money,” he said.

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