Online Lottery

Playing online lottery can be a fun and exciting experience. But you need to be aware about the rules and regulations about the different types of online lotteries in India. It is important to not fall victim to fake sites and various scams and you should only participate in real lottery draws.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain all the details related to online lottery in India, so you can have a better understanding before you buy lottery tickets.

Best Indian lottery sites

India has a wide variety of legitimate online lottery sites that give you a genuine opportunity to win some big money. Here are the best online lotteries in India:


TheLotter is one of the best online lottery sites in India, hosting international lottery games from all around the globe. It is one of the most reputable websites around and has already paid winnings of over $100 million to its lucky winners. You will find TheLotter easy to navigate, with some of the most famous lottery draws on the site being Brazil Mega Sena and Australia Sunday Lotto.

You can also purchase lottery tickets online in rupees using a range of payment methods including Visa Cards, Netbanking and RuPay debit. All the major lottery draws are also available on TheLotter and it has a mobile app available both on Android and iOS. The customer support via live chat is also pretty swift.


Lotto Agent India hosts over 15 lotteries, including some of the biggest lotteries in the world. Some of the major lotteries you will find on LottoAgent include MegaMillions and Australia Powerball. It also has some of the best discounts and online promotions that you will find, including discounts on purchasing first-time tickets and bonuses when you refer a friend.

It supports various different Indian payment methods, including various credit cards, Paytm and UPI. It is one of the best online lottery sites to play on the go, with its modern look and feel and user-friendliness.


WinTrillions lets you play over 15 international lottery games and also lets you buy scratch cards and raffles. Every ticket you purchase also earns you lucrative loyalty bonus points that you can avail down the line to get some healthy discounts. It also offers you different promotions every day, offering up to 10% discounts while purchasing tickets.

It has access to all the top international lotteries including MegaMillions. You will also find top notch customer care support through live chat and payment options including Visa, Mastercard and Skrill.

Online Lottery in India in 2024

Online lottery in India is benefitting a lot from the digitalisation of India as a whole. Many physical lotteries are now heading towards the digital route, opening up websites and apps. Lotto in India is witnessing massive growth in 2024 due to the digitalisation of the product.

Cryptocurrencies and other online payment options are also making life easier for you in terms of payments and withdrawals on online lottery sites in India.

Online lottery is also reaching new avenues due to the advent of social media, reaching new nooks and corners, making people aware that playing online lottery in India is indeed safe. The world of online lottery is now fast developing due to innovations and user-friendliness.

How to play lottery online

Playing online lottery in India is very easy. We will list down a few steps for you to follow to start up on your journey.

  • Choose a reputed site: It is very important to choose a legitimate online lottery site.
  • Make your account: Next up, sign up to play online lottery on the site you have selected by providing personal information like your email address, name and date of birth.
  • Pay deposit: To purchase online lottery tickets in India, you will need to deposit funds and pay the amount that the lottery ticket costs.
  • Choose numbers: Next up, choose the set of numbers. The range and quantity of numbers will depend on the type of lottery you pay.
  • Select draw: You will then have to decide the number of draws you want to enter. Many online lottery websites in India allow you to enter multiple draws.
  • Buy ticket: After choosing the number, buy the ticket. The amount will be reduced from your account balance. You will also have to make sure that you keep the digital ticket you have purchased safe.
  • Check results: Check the winning numbers with the numbers you have selected to determine whether you have won a prize.
  • Collect your winnings: If you have won, follow the guide on the website where you have played the lottery to collect your winnings.

WinTrillions online lottery

Buy online lottery tickets in India

The process to buy lottery tickets online in India is very simple. You need to set up an account and then choose the game you want to play. There are a number of popular payment options available on many sites including netbanking, e-wallet, UPI and cryptocurrencies.

After the payment is done, you can purchase the online lottery ticket after verifying various details and the best thing about it – you cannot lose your online lottery ticket! Many Indian lottery sites also offer you welcome offers and promotions when you sign up to play for the first time.

Purchase online lottery tickets here

Here are some of the sites where you can purchase online lottery tickets:

  • Lottoland: One of the few online lottery sites in India that allow payment and withdrawals with Paytm.
  • Lotto247: Allows you to use UPI in Indian currency.
  • LottoSmile: Allows various payment methods including credit/debit cards.
  • The Lotter: One of the best classical lottery sites for you to enjoy with a range of payment methods.
  • Play huge lottos: The best India lottery site online with UPI.
  • Lotto Agent: Houses some of the best international lotteries from around the globe with easy payment methods.
  • Lottofy: It gives you great prize money and has some of the biggest lotteries in the world.
  • Win Trillions: Offers great odds increasing your chances of winning
  • Lottery WorldPlay more than 25 different lotteries and make deposits with UPI on this site

Again, it is important to check before making payment again and be sure about the lottery game you want to pay. Make sure you are entering a reputed site and using your money wisely.

Online lottery lotto247

Best tickets to buy online

Two of the best lotteries to buy online are Powerball and MegaMillions. They are two of the most reputed online lottery tickets in the world with guaranteed payments if you end up getting lucky and winning. They offer life-changing amounts with winnings going into millions of dollars.

The two main things that determine the value of these lottery tickets are the jackpot amount and the odds of winning them. While Powerball offers the bigger jackpot amounts, MegaMillions offers better odds of winning them.

To win Powerball, some of the best tips as offered by our experts are:

  • Stick with your instincts
  • Use the entire board instead of using birth dates and other milestone numbers
  • Avoid the “quick-pick” method
  • Be consistent
  • Don't get carried away

To win MegaMillions, some of the best tips and strategies are:

  • Mix odd and even numbers
  • Combine high and low numbers
  • Play balanced numbers
  • Avoid picking a combination that has already won
  • Don't bet on patterns

How we review online lottery sites

We take a lot of effort so that you have the best possible information available before choosing the best lottery in India where you want to invest your money.

  • Safety – As online lottery sites involve you raising your money and personal data including banking details we check out the sites for you to have the safest experience possible.
  • Accessibility – We also check how easy these online lottery sites are to use and access.
  • Payments – Payments are a big part of online lottery sites. We check whether the deposit and withdrawal process are safe and easy for you.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews reflect the true reliability of any online website. We go through various customer reviews before recommending these online lottery sites in India.
  • Variety of Lottery Games – The more options, the better the experience for you. We only recommend sites that have multiple lottery games.
  • Customer Care – We check whether the sites have accessible customer care before recommending it to you.

Lottery jackpot games online

You will find some easy lottery jackpot games online in India that are particularly catered to the Indian users. They are quite easy to play and have a great element of fun and luck to it. Many people have won big prize money playing a variety of lottery games.

Sadanandan won the Rs 12-crore prize from the Kerala Christmas New Year Bumper BR-83 Lottery in 2022. Hira Singh won a whopping price of $50 million in 2019 in the MegaMillions lottery. Lingaraju D is also a renowned winner, playing on Lotto247 India and winning a handsome sum of Rs 3.8 crores.

Some of the jackpot online games that can help you earn big are:

Indian lottery games

There are many online lottery games designed specifically keeping Indian players in mind. They cater to the taste of Indian players and are very easy to play. Some of the best online Indian lottery games are:

Sambad Plus – It is the perfect game for beginners, using a simple system. The ticket is priced at Rs 150, and the jackpot often reaches Rs 20 crores or more. You get one chance to compete for the grand prize every week and the draws are made at 4 pm IST on Saturdays.

Cricket Lotto – Cricket Lotto uses the passion of many Indians, cricket, and gives you a chance to win big. It has three weekly draws, and one ticket costs Rs 80. There’s a Double Jackpot available that doubles your grand prize, making this an extremely tempting game. The game is very easy for beginners and also for more experienced players.

Jeeto Lotto – Jeeto Lotto is very similar to classic keno. This game has a draw every four minutes from 15:34 IST to 08:54 IST the next day meaning 15 chances to win per hour, every single day of the week. The prize is Rs 3.6 crores.

Malamaal Daily – Malamaal Daily is one of the most popular online lotteries in India. You don't have to spend big as it only costs Rs 40 and you can win Rs 72 lakhs by drawing 5 correct numbers between 1 to 42.

Lottoland Indian Lottery Games

Online Lottery ticket prices in India

When you start playing, it is important for you to set an online lottery budget that you are willing to spend. This will determine the type of lottery game that you can afford to play and the potential jackpot that you can win. Here we list down a few popular online lottery games in India and how much they will cost on your wallet.

Lottery Ticket Price Biggest Jackpot
Powerball Rs. 300 Rs. 2,399.7 Crores
Mega Millions Rs. 300 Rs. 5,041.9 Crores
Euro Jackpot Rs. 160 Rs. 983.4 Crores
Euro Millions Rs. 240 Rs. 800 Crores

Is online lottery legal in India?

Many states and union territories in India consider lotteries to be completely legal. Some of these states are Sikkim, Punjab, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Goa, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh.

It is legal to play online lottery in India as long as the online lottery website is hosted in another country apart from India. While many privately run lotteries are banned in many parts of the country, you can play online lottery in India without any worry as it is completely legal. In fact, 13 states in India have government-run lotteries of their own.

The list of states that have a lottery system in place are:

  • Kerala
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Meghalaya
  • Manipur
  • Maharashtra
  • Goa
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Nagaland
  • Mizoram
  • West Bengal

Genuine online lottery

The law in India states that online lottery is completely legal in India as long as the lottery website is not hosted in India. Before choosing an online lottery site, you should consider a variety of actors like safety, customer care, accessibility, licenses and withdrawal time before proceeding ahead.

You should always stick to reliable lottery vendors who have built up a reputation for rewarding winners over the years. Avoid falling for rampant scams that are prevalent like an email claiming you have won an email lottery, a message claiming that you have a limited time available for withdrawal or a message claiming that you have won a lottery but need to pay a fee to avail of the rewards.

Genuine Indian lottery sites

There is a range of genuine online lottery sites available in India for whom you can purchase tickets easily online.

Some of them are:

  • Malamaal Daily (Lottoland Asia)
  • Jeeto Lotto (Lottoland Asia)
  • Lotto India
  • Kerala State Lottery

All of them have verified licenses, a track record of delivering rewards, are easy to use and are completely legal.

Indian lottery apps

There are many online mobile apps available in India that allow you to play online lottery. They are quite user-friendly, enhancing your experience and making it quite enjoyable. Some of these apps are:

Lottoland – It has more than 20 international lotteries, can be translated in Hindi and has fast withdrawal options through Paytm and UPI.

Lotto247 – Apart from international lottery games, the Lotto247 app also offers you the chance to enjoy live casino games. Though a lottery app isn't available, the website is very easy to use and can be easily accessed through a mobile browser.

LottoSmile – LottoSmile has some of the best collections of international lotteries available. It is an extremely popular app, available both on Android and iOS.

International online lotteries in India

There is a big range of international lottery games you can play in India, depending on the amount of money you want to spend and the brand you opt to select. Here are a few of the options:

Powerball – The American game is by far the biggest and most popular online lottery game in the world. Incredibly lucrative jackpots, including a guaranteed $40 million for the big prize make it a tempting prospect. Many Indians take part in this, hoping to get lucky.
MegaMillions – Another online lottery originating from the United States, it is extremely popular in India. The big prizes on offer make it extremely lucrative.
EuroMillions – This lottery has two weekly draws, making it very popular in India. The lottery also offers life-changing sums as rewards.
EuroJackpot – What makes this European online lottery popular in India is the better odds to win. There are different tiers of lotteries available, improving your chances to win.

International Lotteries Lotto Agent

International lottery winners from India

Online lottery has changed many lives in India. People have won life-changing rewards and have seen all of their dreams fulfilled by winning massive sums of money.

Some of the famous lottery winners in India are Sandeep ‘Sunny' Singh, Tahir Ali, and Nandlall Manga. For example, Sandeep ‘Sunny' Singh won a whopping lottery of $30.5 million. Nandlall Mangal on the other hand won a jaw-dropping sum of $245.6 million in the Powerball lottery!

Increase your chances of winning online lottery

With a good strategy and some patterns, you can increase your chances of earning big by playing online lottery in India. Here are a few tips that you should follow:

  • Play smaller lottery games with less numbers to choose from
  • Choose from a wide range of numbers
  • Pick as many different numbers as possible without following a pattern
  • Do some research and pick out the least called out number in the online lottery
  • Play weekly in a low investment online lottery in India that might have higher returns

Best payment methods for buying lottery online

You can choose from a number of methods to play online lottery in India. Some methods are safer and more convenient than others.

Here are some of them:

UPI: Unified Payments Interface, more commonly known as UPI has now become a default mode of monetary transaction for many people in India. It is safe and directly deducts and adds money from and to your account and is now available on almost every major online India lottery site.

Credit/Debit Cards: It is the default payment method on most lottery sites in India. There are a variety of options in this and they are pretty easy to use, including Visa and Mastercards.

Netbanking: This is the safest method available and easiest method which requires you to use your account directly.

E-wallets: Buying lottery online can also be done through various E-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz and Trustly.

Types of lottery sites in India

There are both government and different international online lotteries available in India. International online lotteries are much more easily accessible and it is very easy to buy their tickets online. Government lotteries on the other hand often have to be purchased physically, despite many sites running fake scams in the name of selling their tickets online.
Online international lotteries like Powerball offer much bigger jackpots that could really prove to be life-changing for you. Physical lottery is also illegal in many states in India but you can still play online lottery without the worry of it being illegal.

Government Lottery

There are many government lotteries in India that are organized by various states. They provide a variety of different prizes and are often weekly in nature. The aim of these government and state-run lotteries is often public welfare, providing you with an opportunity to win big in return for a very small investment.

All these lotteries are completely trustworthy and give you a good chance of winning. These lotteries have a wide variety of prize amounts ranging from small to big.

Some of the most popular government lotteries in India are:

  • Kerala lottery
  • Sikkim State lottery
  • Goa lottery
  • Nagaland State Lottery
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