How to Play EuroMillions?

Alongside Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries played in India and all around the globe. Since its inception, EuroMillions has seen innumerous winners crowned and lives have turned for the better due to vast amounts of sum on offer if you end up winning the jackpot.

Due to its popular nature, EuroMillions is played almost in every corner of the globe through the means of online lottery sites. All of the reputed and popular online lottery sites will have a ticket of Euro Millions on sale for you to buy.

Are you one of those people who have thought about purchasing a ticket of Euro Millions in India but are unsure about how to play, the rules and the history of the jackpot? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

In this comprehensive write-up, we will take you through what exactly EuroMillions is, how to play it, how you can purchase a ticket, the detailed history of the jackpot and also some of the best online sites in India where you can purchase a EuroMillions ticket.

How to Play EuroMillions?

Playing Euro Millions is very easy due to the accessibility factor of the game. As EuroMillions is one of the most popular lottery games in the world, most reputed online websites have tickets of EuroMillions on sale on a daily basis. This makes your life easier, as all you need to do is choose your online website of your choice and purchase a EuroMillions ticket, all from the comfort of your home.

You can find the steps to purchase an EuroMillions ticket below:

  1. Select an online lottery website where you want to purchase a ticket of Euro Millions, depending on their legality, safety and overall reputation
  2. Become a registered user on the website by creating and verifying your account
  3. Next up, deposit some money on the website by selecting a payment method of your choice and also on how much you want to spend on lottery tickets
  4. Go through the various lotteries that the site has to offer and then select the EuroMillions ticket that will be generally available on the ‘Lotteries’ page of the site
  5. Now in the most important part, choose the numbers you want to select for the draw
  6. In Euro Millions, you have to choose two sets of numbers. The first set includes you choosing five numbers between 1 to 50. In the second set, you have to choose two Lucky Star numbers ranging from 1 to 12. Either you can choose the numbers manually or through a ‘Quick Pick’ selection that will generate the numbers automatically for you
  7. Recheck the numbers and complete the payment and the ticket is yours
  8. Wait for the result of the draw to be declared and hope that lady luck has smiled upon you

Euromillions Lottoland Asia

Where to Play EuroMillions?

Finding an online site to play Euro Millions is extremely easy as most sites tend to sell a ticket of the game due to its popularity. But there are a number of factors that you have to decide before selecting a site to play the game on.

Some of the factors that you need to consider are safety of your privacy, proper use of the money you have deposited, number of payment methods that the site will offer you, whether the sites will pay your winnings on time and also the price of the ticket and the number of discounts and promotions they offer.

Here are the three online sites that we recommend as the best ones available in India to purchase a ticket of EuroMillions.


LottoSmile is a popular option for the Indian users as they tick all the boxes that you may look for – accessibility, user-friendly nature, lucrative discount and coupons and a variety of payment and withdrawal methods.

Though EuroMillions tickets are relatively expensive on LottoSmile – INR 570 – LottoSmile’s reputation as a safe and secure site and proven track record of paying out winnings more than makes up for the premium they charge while selling tickets. They also make it up to you by offering you up to 25% bonus on multi-draw lottery tickets.


Lottofy has been an established player in the online lottery world, serving customers from all over the world for many years. The site has all the required online licenses and offers a big variety of online lottery games including EuroMillions.

They are also popular among Indian users as they accept a lot of different Indian payment methods including UPI. Though they do not have a mobile app, the website is very user-friendly and will meet all your needs.

The ticket price for Euro Millions stands at just INR 320 at Lottofy.


LottoLand is one of the most popular and most frequented online lottery sites in India as well as around the globe. They have a good and easy to use website, have apps on iOS and Android to make your life more convenient and offer a lot of other discounts and promotions.

They also offer you many payment and withdrawal methods that are widely used by the Indian audience including UPI.

LottoLand also is one of the sites which sells the EuroMillions jackpot for a very cheap price of just INR 240 per ticket.

What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a multi-national lottery game that has been run as a partnership between countries for many years. The game was launched in 2004 as a partnership between France, Spain and the United Kingdom with the first draw happening in February 2004.

Since its launch, the game has only grown in popularity and has become one of the leading lottery games in Europe and the world. Its popularity also led to extremely popular spinoffs, such as EuroJackpot.

To win the EuroMillions jackpot, you have to select two sets of numbers and get them both right. The first set includes selecting five correct numbers between 1 to 50 and the second set requires you to select two correct Lucky Star numbers between 1 to 12. If you guess all the numbers correctly, you will be crowned the winner of the EuroMillions jackpot.

EuroMillions Ticket Prices

A standard ticket of EuroMillions costs either £2.50 or €2.50 per line that translates roughly to INR 224 if you go by the current INR to Euros exchange rate. But this is the standard price of a ticket if you buy it physically from a vendor in Europe.

As you can’t purchase a EuroMillions ticket physically in India, the only means to buy it is through an online lottery site. Depending on the commissions they charge, a single ticket of EuroMillions will cost you slightly more than the standard price that it is sold at in Europe through a vendor.

Here is an overview of the EuroMillions ticket prices in India at trusted lottery sites:

Lottery Site Price
Lottoland ₹240
Lotto247 ₹252
Lottery World ₹300
Lottofy ₹320 ₹460
Play Huge Lottos ₹464
Lotto Agent ₹565
The Lotter ₹570
Lotto Smile India ₹570
Win Trillions ₹995

EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot is currently one of the biggest jackpots available anywhere around the globe, with the current jackpot cap at a staggering €240 million.

The jackpot starts at €17 million and will keep on rising till all the correct seven numbers are guessed. The cap will then rise in an increment of 10 million euros after all the numbers are all guessed and after a winner has been eventually crowned.

Apart from the jackpot amount, Euromillions has 12 other winnings on offer that can vary depending on a variety of factors.

Below, we will list the average prize money winnings over the years in case you end up guessing any of them correctly.

Correct Numbers Prize Money
5 Numbers + 2 Stars €240 million
5 Numbers + 1 Star €410,441.85
5 Numbers €46,514.04
4 Numbers + 2 Stars €2,282.51
4 Numbers + 1 Star €143.64
3 Numbers + 2 Stars €79.93
4 Numbers €48.27
2 Numbers + 2 Stars €16.68
3 Numbers + 1 Star €12.69
3 Numbers €10.47
1 Number + 2 Stars €8.35
2 Numbers + 1 Star €6.54
2 Numbers €4.12

Jackpot Cap

Unlike Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions does have a jackpot cap. The current EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €240 million.

The last winner of the Euromillions draw with a total cap was in July 2022 – an anonymous winner from the UK who won the cap limit of €230 million. In June 2023, a EuroMillions winner from the UK again won a staggering £111.7m in the jackpot.

Once a winner is crowned the jackpot restarts at €17 million and can go on till the cap limit is reached and then superdraws are held to eventually crown a winner. If a player wins the jackpot at its maximum capacity, the cap will be raised with €10 million for the next round.

The rest of the money is distributed to the lower tiers of winners, meaning more earnings for them.

EuroMillions Draw Schedule

The EuroMillions draw takes place on a fixed schedule on every Tuesday and Friday nights. The draw takes place between 8 pm to 8:10 pm GMT, or 1.30 and 1.40 AM on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

The draw is held in Paris at the offices of the French National Lottery operator Francaise de Jeux and the winners are declared by using two different ball draw machines. To ensure that the results are transparent, the draw is broadcast on the YouTube channel of EuroMillions – The National Lottery.

Winnings in Euro Millions

The Euro Millions winnings begin with a basic €17 million jackpot prize and can rise up to the cap limit that is in play. The current cap limit on EuroMillions is €240 million. After the cap of €240 million is reached and eventually a winner is crowned, the next jackpot will see an increment of €10 million and rise to €250 million.

The lower tier prizes depend on what the main jackpot prize money has reached, but substantial sums are generally on offer even for the second-placed and sometimes even the third-placed winner.

In terms of taxation, the EuroMillions winning is generally taxed in India at 31.2%. In case you win a more significant prize, the taxes may increase up to 59.9%. If you want to know more about taxes on winnings, you can check out our lottery taxes page.

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Odds of Winning EuroMillions

As the amount of prize winnings are high, the odds of you actually winning the prize are not very high. As with every lottery, Euro Millions is largely a game of chance and you need to have very good luck in your favour in order to walk away with the prize money.

Overall we can conclude that the odds of winning EuroMillions are similar to the odds of winning EuroJackpot. The American lotteries of Powerball and MegaMillions have much lower odds, but higher prize pools.

You can find an overview of the Euromillions winning odds below:

Correct Numbers Odds of Winning
5 Numbers + 2 Stars 1 in 139,838,160
5 Numbers + 1 Star 1 in 6,991,908
5 Numbers 1 in 3,107,515
4 Numbers + 2 Stars 1 in 621,503
4 Numbers + 1 Star 1 in 31,075
3 Numbers + 2 Stars 1 in 14,125
4 Numbers 1 in 13,811
2 Numbers + 2 Stars 1 in 985
3 Numbers + 1 Star 1 in 706
3 Numbers 1 in 314
1 Number + 2 Stars 1 in 188
2 Numbers + 1 Star 1 in 49
2 Numbers 1 in 22

There are means to improve your odds if you follow a list of very basic steps. Following them won’t guarantee that you will walk away with the jackpot or any tier of prize money, but they will certainly increase your chances. After all, Euro Millions like any other lottery game, involves a great deal of luck and chance.

Some of the steps to improve your odds in Euromillions are as follows:

  • Keep your numbers balanced by ensuring that when you have added up the total of all the numbers you have selected, they should come in between 90 and 160. Statistics suggest that almost 70% of the Euro Millions winners have a total that falls between this ballpark when they are declared winners.
  • Don’t be afraid to bunch up your number choices. There is a temptation to either proceed with either even or odd numbers but that is never a wise strategy to follow. Mix up your numbers and spread them out across your ticket.
  • Never limit your number to special dates like birthdays, anniversaries or a date that is important in your life. People have a tendency to only follow important dates when it comes to choosing numbers for EuroMillions and more likely than not, they will limit your chances of winning.
  • Never go for the numbers that have been picked in the last week’s draw. The chances of numbers repeating from the previous week are extremely slim and people have a misconception that numbers called in the previous draw will be called again.
  • Join lottery syndicates. In syndicates, you join a bunch of people that decide to share winnings if anyone ends up guessing the correct number. Syndicates are legal and will certainly increase your chances of walking away with some winnings.
  • Omit bundles of 10s. People are often inclined to follow a pattern of 10, 20, 30 and so on while choosing their numbers. Chances of all the numbers being in 10s are almost non-existent.
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