Stake’s The Return of the King Bonus

Get ready to dive into the thrilling “The Return of the King Bonus” event brought to you by Stake. This is your chance to shine on a wide array of 3rd party video slot games, with the only exception being “Fire Portals” by Pragmatic Play.

The challenge here is simple yet exhilarating: achieve the highest multiplier on any qualifying slot game. To ensure a level playing field, there's a minimum bet requirement of just INR 15.

This means you can jump into the action without breaking the bank, and still stand a chance to compete for the top spot. Register with the online casino now and make the most of this Casino Bonus.

What is Stake’s The Return of the King Bonus?

Stake The Return of the King Bonus is an engaging competition hosted by Stake, where participants vie for the highest multiplier on a selection of 3rd party video slot games, excluding “Fire Portals” by Pragmatic Play.

With a minimum bet of INR 15, the event is accessible and promises thrilling gameplay.

Here is the prize breakdown:

  • 1st Place: INR 49,800
  • 2nd Place: INR 24,900
  • 3rd Place: INR 16,600
  • 4th Place: INR 12,450
  • 5th Place: INR 8,300
  • 6th to 10th Place: INR 5,810 each
  • 11th to 20th Place: INR 2,490 each
  • 21st Place onward: Eligible users will share a total of INR 124,500

This structure ensures a wide distribution of prizes, making the competition even more thrilling. Whether you aim for the top spot or are looking to secure a share of the communal prize pool, there's plenty at stake.

How to Claim Stake’s The Return of the King Bonus?

Claiming Stake's “The Return of the King Bonus” involves a few specific steps. Here's a streamlined guide:

  1. Sign In: First, ensure you're signed into your Stake account.
  2. Achieve the Minimum Multiplier: While participating in the event, your aim should be to hit at least a 100x multiplier on any eligible 3rd party video slot game
  3. Post on the Forum: Once you have a bet that meets the eligibility criteria (100x multiplier or above), the next step is to make it official by replying to the specific topic created for “The Return of the King Bonus” event in the Stake forum
  4. Screenshot (Optional): While not mandatory, attaching a screenshot of your winning bet with the 100x or higher multiplier can be a good practice.

Terms and Conditions

To participate in Stake's “The Return of the King Bonus” and be eligible for prizes, please adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • Participation is exclusively open to VIP members of Stake, starting from the Bronze VIP level and above.
  • If you achieve a higher multiplier during the event week, you are encouraged to update your forum post 
  • Only bets placed after 01/04/24 at 12:00 PM GMT qualify for the event
  • After achieving a qualifying bet, you must post it on the designated forum topic within 48 hours to ensure its eligibility
  • The challenge is valid for 3rd party video slot games only, excluding any in-house or proprietary games on Stake.
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