Stake vs Eddie Bonus

Seize the unique opportunity to challenge Eddie in the Stake vs Eddie Bonus, where every week brings a new game and the chance to win a share of INR 24,00,000.

Dive into the competition as Eddie sets the bar with the highest multiplier he can achieve, and all you need to do is outdo his score to claim your portion of the prize pool. This week, the spotlight is on the game ‘Walking Wilds,' with a target multiplier of 404.67×.

Just remember, that your bet must meet the minimum threshold of INR 800. Time is of the essence, and with Eddie already pushing the limits, it's your moment to shine and possibly outmatch him in this thrilling contest.

What is Stake vs Eddie Promotional Offer?

The Stake vs Eddie Promotional Offer is a chance for you to directly compete with Eddie, one of Stake's renowned figures, in a weekly gaming showdown. Each week, Eddie will either select a single game or nominate a group of four games, with the final choice being made through a community poll on Stake's official Twitter page.

In addition to the main competition where you aim to surpass Eddie's highest multiplier to win a portion of the massive INR 24,00,000 prize pool, there's also a unique social twist. If Eddie is the one choosing the game, Stake spices things up with a social competition.

In this casino bonus, you have the opportunity to win a special prize directly to your vault simply by correctly guessing the game Eddie will play. This week, the challenge is set in the game ‘Walking Wilds,' with a target multiplier of 404.67× and a minimum bet requirement of INR 800.

This promotional offer not only tests your casino gaming skills against Eddie's but also engages you in Stake's community activities, making it an engaging experience. 

Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions for the Stake vs Eddie Promotional Offer:

  • Game Selection: Following the official Twitter poll, players can engage with the selected game before the promotion's renewal on Monday. A bet featuring a minimum multiplier of 300x from this pre-promotion phase will be chosen as the benchmark bet for the upcoming week. 
  • Weekly Challenge: Participants have one week to outperform the chosen multiplier on the designated game. Successful challengers will share the INR 24,00,000 prize pool.
  • Prize Distribution: Expect up to 48 hours for the payout of prizes. If you meet the eligibility criteria but haven't received a coupon link within this timeframe, please wait the full 48 hours before reaching out to support.
  • Account Policy: Players found to be using multiple accounts will be disqualified from receiving any prizes.
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