Stake Multiper Race Bonus

Rev up your online gaming experience with the electrifying Stake Multiplier Race Bonus! Every week, four selected casino games offer you the chance to make your mark.

Land one of the top multipliers of the week, and you could be feasting in your portion of a staggering INR 8,30,000 prize pool. All it takes is a minimum bet of just INR 830 to start your online casino experience.

This is your shot at glory – one big win could unlock an opportunity to make some big bucks. So get ready and sign up with the Stake India casino site and get things started.

What is the Stake India Multiper Race Bonus?

The Stake India Bonus is an amazing challenge where landing one of the week's highest multipliers on four selected games can win you a slice of the INR 8,30,000 prize pool. Just ensure your bet is at least INR 830 to qualify.

The prizes are enticing, with the top 50 spots earning:

  • INR 149,400 for 1st place
  • INR 83,000 for 2nd place
  • INR 58,100 for 3rd place
  • INR 49,800 for 4th place
  • INR 41,500 for 5th place
  • INR 24,900 for 6th to 10th places
  • INR 12,450 for 11th to 20th places
  • INR 6,640 for 21st to 50th places

In the event of a tie within the top 50, the prizes for the tied positions will be evenly distributed among the winners. For example, if two players share the top multiplier, the 1st place prize will be divided equally between them.

This adds a thrilling twist to the competition, ensuring that every big win has the potential to lead to big rewards.

Available games for the Stake Multiplier Race Bonus are as follows:

  • Lucky 8 Merge Up
  • Gold Strike
  • Sweet Alchemy
  • Rotten

How to Claim Stake Multiper Race Bonus?

Claiming the Stake Multiplier Race Bonus is a thrilling journey, and here's how you can join the race:

  1. Jump In: First things first, make sure you're registered on Stake. If you haven't already, sign up on their platform.
  2. Get Set: Each week, Stake selects four games for this challenge. Keep an eye on which games are in the spotlight for the week.
  3. Go for Gold: Place a bet of at least INR 830 on any of the selected games. This is your ticket to join the race.
  4. Aim High: Focus on hitting the highest multiplier you can. The bigger the multiplier, the higher your chances of securing a top spot and a share of the INR 8,30,000 prize pool.

Terms and Conditions

To make the most out of the Stake Multiplier Race Bonus, here are the key terms and conditions you need to keep in mind:

  • Your entry into the race starts with a minimum bet of INR 830 on any of the selected games for the week.
  • If you're among the lucky winners, expect a message from support within 72 hours after the tournament ends, confirming your win.
  • Each week, you're eligible for just one prize. If you land more than one top multiplier, you'll be rewarded for the highest one only.
  • Stay tuned to the Stake forum. Every week, following the close of the promotion, a list of winners will be shared there.
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