Stake Conquer the Casino Bonus

Dive into the thrill of the Stake India “Conquer the Casino” bonus, where the excitement of exploring the latest Casino games meets the chance to win a share of an impressive INR 45,00,000 prize pool.

Each week, the online casino shines a spotlight on over 10 newly added games in our collection, offering something for every type of player. Sure this casino bonus offer is one of the finest in the industry. 

With “Conquer the Casino,” you're not just playing; you're competing for two major accolades in each game: the BIG WINS prize, awarded for the largest payout, and the LUCKY WINS prize, celebrating the highest multiplier. 

What is Stake Conquer the Casino Bonus?

Immerse yourself in the thrill of Stake's Conquer the Casino Bonus, where the latest Casino games await your discovery, along with the chance to win a share of an incredible INR 45,00,000 prize pool.

Every week, you're invited to explore over 10 newly added games, each promising a unique adventure. In this exciting promotion, you're competing for two prestigious awards in each game: the BIG WINS prize for the largest payout and the LUCKY WINS prize for the highest multiplier.

Here's how the prizes break down for you:

  • Lucky Win Prize: Chase the highest multiplier in each game to win an impressive INR 9,00,000.
  • Big Win Prize: Aim for the largest payout in any of the featured games and secure INR 2,88,000.
  • Eddie's Choice: A special game picked by Eddie offers even more chances to win, with INR 2,70,000 up for grabs for the Lucky Win and a whopping INR 8,28,000 for the Big Win.

Terms and Conditions

To ensure a fair and exciting experience with the Stake Conquer the Casino Bonus, here are some essential terms and conditions you should be aware of:

  • In cases where multiple players secure the top multiplier on the Lucky Win leaderboard, priority is given to the player with the higher bet amount. If the bet amounts are identical, the Lucky Win prize will then be divided among the tied players.
  • To qualify for any prize within this promotion, your bets must be at least INR 900. This ensures fair participation and eligibility for the rewards.
  • The advertised prize pool is based on the assumption of 10 games contributing to the pool. However, the actual prize pool for any given week may vary depending on the number of new games featured.
  • Winners of the Eddie's Choice game are eligible exclusively for the Eddie's Choice prizes. These special prizes are separate from the standard Lucky Win and Big Win prizes awarded for the other games in the promotion.
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