Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament

Get ready for an amazing journey with the Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament! It's a year-long event packed with excitement for Spinoleague fans everywhere. You could win big with the huge prize pool of INR 89 Crore.

Joining is easy with a minimum bet of just INR 20 per spin. With four seasons and 16 tournaments, there's plenty of fun to be had. To know more about this big casino offer, continue reading below.

What is the Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament?

The Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament is not just any tournament – it's an immersive experience tailored for Spinoleague enthusiasts globally, boasting a remarkable prize pool of INR 89 Crore.

This year-long competition, open until 26 February 2025, is divided into four captivating seasons, each comprising four distinct tournaments, ending in a total of 16 separate tournaments, leading up to the ultimate showdown in the final “Super Round.” 

Each round, including the Super Round, features its prize pool, contributing to an aggregate maximum prize pool of INR 89 Crore throughout the entire Spinoleague. It's important to note that Spinoleague tournaments are available exclusively during real-money play.

Each win earns you points calculated as the amount won divided by the amount wagered, determining your position on the tournament leaderboard.

For example, if you wagered INR 1 and won INR 10, you would be rewarded with 10 points. Moreover, during Super Rounds, points earned by you are doubled, adding an extra layer of excitement.

With no additional deposits or costs required, you can dive into the action with a minimum qualifying bet of INR 20 per spin. 

Summary of all Tournaments within the Spinoleague:

Season Name  Number of Tournaments Dates  Min Prize Pool  Max Prize Pool 
Sapphire Season  4 28.02.24 15:30 – 30.05.24 04:29 INR 2.23 Crore INR 22.30 Crore
Topaz Season  4 30.05.24 15:30 – 29.08.24 04:29 INR 1.78 Crore INR 17.80 Crore
Emerald Season  4 29.08.24 15:30 – 28.11.24 04:29 INR 2.23 Crore INR 22.30 Crore
Diamond Season  4 28.11.24 15:30 – 27.02.25 04:29 INR 2.67 Crore INR 26.70 Crore
Total of all 16 tournaments:  16 28.02.24 15:30 – 27.02.25 04:29 INR 8.91 Crore INR 89.10 Crore

How to Claim the Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament Bonus?

Claiming the Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament Bonus is simple, allowing you to swiftly boost your tournament experience. Here's how:

  1. Participate: Engage in the Spinoleague tournaments during real-money play to start earning points with each win.
  2. Accumulate: Win games to gather points based on the ratio of your winnings to your wagers, enhancing your position on the tournament leaderboard.
  3. Compete: Keep playing and accumulating points throughout the tournament to maximize your chances of claiming your share of the prize pool.
  4. Monitor Progress: Regularly check your position on the leaderboard to track your progress and strategize accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

Here are the detailed terms and conditions for the Bons Spinoleague Network Tournament Bonus:

  • You earn points for each win based on the ratio of their winnings to their wagers. The higher the points, the better the position on the tournament leaderboard.
  • You must wager a minimum of INR 20 per spin to participate in each tournament.
  • There are no extra deposits or costs required to join the Spinoleague tournaments.
  • The Spinoleague is divided into four ‘seasons', each comprising four tournaments for a total of 16 tournaments. Each tournament consists of several rounds and culminates in a final “Super Round”.
  • 10% of your score during each round is collected as credit and added to the Super Round score.
  • Super Round Multiplier: Points earned during Super Rounds are multiplied by 2, increasing potential rewards.
  • Your ranks in the Leaderboard for each round become visible upon reaching the qualifying score. The Leaderboard resets at the end of each round.
  • You can increase your share of the prize pool by ten (10X) by reaching specific score thresholds set for each round.
  • In case of a tie-in point, the player who reached the points first is ranked higher.
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