1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix: Win Your Share of INR 18 Crores

Well, Aviator is no doubt one of the most popular casino games because of its simple design and chance to win big amounts in a few minutes. But, what if you could get something extra?

1Win took a step in the same direction and has offered the 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix with a staggering amount of INR 18 crores. And, the requirements are yet again, too basic. To know more about how to claim this 1Win bonus offer, just scroll below.

What is the 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix Offer?

The 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix tournament, featuring a substantial prize pool of INR 18 crores, invites you to design customised planes, place bets, and compete for leaderboard dominance.

Participation begins with designing aircraft and placing bets, with higher bets increasing the chances of finishing in the top 25% of the daily tournament winners. Only 25% of the customised planes meeting the criteria emerge victorious, and each plane can only compete once per day, though players can enter multiple planes. 

Winning in Stage 1 leads to Stage 2, where rewards are distributed based on the cumulative gaming experience of the planes. The more experience points a plane has, the larger its share of the prize. For example, if the total daily prize pool is INR 90,000 and the combined experience points of winning planes are 50,000, rewards are allocated proportionally.

A plane with 1,000 experience points would earn INR 1,800, one with 14,000 points would receive INR 25,000, and one with 35,000 points would get INR 63,000. Strategically placing bets and accumulating experience points are key to maximising winnings in this competitive tournament.

Players who design a custom aircraft earn experience points proportional to their bets. Each INR 90 wagered grants the customised aircraft 1 experience point. For instance, if you place 10 bets of INR 9 each would accumulate 1 experience point. The greater the number of experience points a player’s customised aircraft gathers, the higher its rank will be on the in-game leaderboard.

How to Claim the 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix Offer?

To claim the 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix offer and participate in the daily tournament, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Place at least one bet on a customised aircraft.
  2. Ensure that any previously won rewards have been claimed.

Terms and Conditions

To claim the 1Win Prize Pool Aviatrix bonus offer, you further need to ensure that you follow the below-mentioned terms and conditions:

  • If multiple participants have the same number of points on the tournament leaderboard, the higher position will be awarded to the participant who reached the points first.
  • Each participant is allowed to use only one game account in the tournament. If duplicate accounts are detected, bets from those accounts will not be considered in the tournament results.
  • Players can use any number of customised airplanes during the tournament.
  • In cases of suspicious activity, such as fraud, collusion, or deliberate technical errors, all winnings may be cancelled and forfeited.
  • By entering the tournament, participants automatically agree to the general terms and conditions outlined in the Rules section.
  • The provider of Aviatrix reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the tournament at any time without prior notice and may adjust the tournament conditions at any time.
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