Claim INR 223,862,451 with 1Win Aviatrix Tournament: Bet and Win Big!

Pilot, Ready to take off! So, if you are someone who just loves to place bets on the Aviator games and want to fly your plane to victory, then the 1win bookmaker is the perfect destination for you.

The bonus named 1Win 2.500.000 in Aviatrix offers an amazing chance to claim a bonus prize of INR 223862451 by just participating in the Aviator Games tournament and placing high bets.

If it sounds interesting to you, then see all the details of the casino bonus given below.

What is 1Win 2.500.000 in Aviatrix?

The 1win bookmaker has introduced an amazing promotion named 1Win 2.500.000 in Aviatrix where an Aviator Games tournament will be starting from 06/05/2024 (00:00 UTC+3) – 08/31/2024 (23:59 UTC+3) and you have the opportunity to customise your plane and bet on the Aviator games to enter the prize pool worth INR 223862451.

You can then enter a daily tournament by just following the two rules: 

  • You must place at least one bet on your custom aircraft. 
  • You must have already claimed any prizes you previously won.

What are Experience Points and How To Claim Them?

Experience Points are the points that will be awarded according to the bets placed on the Aviator Games.

If you have your own customised plane and have placed bets through it, then you are eligible to receive the Experience Points. You have a chance to earn 1 experience point on your plane through a bet of INR 89. Accordingly, the more experience points to your place, the higher your position at the Leaderboard.

Stages of the Tournament

Participating in the daily tournaments has been divided into two stages and the rules of both the Stages have been given below.

1st Stage

Considering Stage 1 of the tournament, only the top 25% of players whose custom aircraft follow the rules will win. You have the best chance of being in the top 25% if you placed the highest total bets in the last 24 hours. You can enter each custom aircraft only once per day, but you can enter multiple aircraft.

2nd Stage

If you win Stage 1, you'll get prizes in Stage 2. The prize amount depends on how many experience points your custom aircraft has earned. Aircraft with more experience points will get bigger prizes. For the calculation of points, we can consider an example:

Let the tournament reward the top 3 players who collectively have a total of 50,000 experience points. The prize pool for this tournament is INR 89544. If the first Airplane has 1,000 experience points, then they have a chance to get 2% of the total prize which is INR 1790.

Coming to the 2nd plane, assume it has got 14,000 experience points, then it’s 28% of the prize which is INR 25072 while if the 3rd Airplane gets 35,000 experience points, then they have 70% of the prize which is INR 62681.

How to Claim the Bonus?

Currently available on the Aviatrix games, you can claim the 1Win 2.500.000 in Aviatrix by following the steps that have been listed below.

  1. Start by visiting the official website of the 1win platform and login to the account with the username and password. 
  2. Once you have accessed your account, click on the Promotions tab and look for the “1Win 2.500.000 in Aviatrix” bonus.
  3. Now, click on the bonus and start placing your bets on the Aviator games available on the platform. Make sure you have already claimed the previous rewards on the website.

Terms and Conditions

For every bonus available at the 1win, certain terms and conditions have to be followed by you.

These are as listed below:

  • If multiple players have the same number of points, the player who earned those points first will be ranked higher.
  • Each player can only use one game account. If multiple accounts belonging to the same player are detected, bets from those accounts won't count towards the tournament results. 
  • Additionally, tournament results are final, and no disputes will be entertained.
  • Any suspicious activities like cheating, colluding with others, or causing technical issues can lead to your winnings being cancelled without payment. 
  • By joining, you automatically agree to follow the site's rules, user agreement, and general terms and conditions found in the “Rules” section. 
  • The Aviatrix provider reserves the right to make changes, suspend, or cancel the tournament immediately.
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